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Posted on May 19, 2012 at 11:40 AM

The Truth Never Changes. Justice for Dave.


" Former Jackson County Sheriffs Deputy Jacob Franklin pulls over retired deputy Ron Oachs in March, 2009. Oachs refused Franklin's order to stay in the car and it went south from there. Franklin's commanding officer ordered him to effectively "make the arrest go away". Franklin was awarded  $ 209,000.00 dollars from a federal jury recently for violations of the whistle blower's law. Franklin appears to be a victim of "not playing ball" with the power structures in Jackson County, and was fired in April of 2009. Quite a story of trumped up charges and doctored Internal Affairs reports, too. "

Law Enforcement Oregon

Jacob Franklin arrests Ron Oachs, Jackson County Oregon, 3/2009





" A former Jackson County sheriff's deputy who says he was wrongfully terminated has won $209,000 in economic damages in a federal lawsuit at Medford.  


The news  reported the jury returned a verdict  in favor of Jacob Franklin.  

 The 38 -year old says he was fired and his career ruined because of his arrest in March 2009 of a former deputy who was a friend of his superior officers."




     " Two Cop's fight on camera Caught on Tape "

" The arresting deputy was fired after this traffic stop, and awarded more than $200,000 by a federal jury; in a case in which he claimed he was fired because of his 2009 arrest of a retired deputy.

The jury unanimously deciding to award Jacob Franklin $209,492 in economic damages.  Franklin, 38, said he was fired April 7, 2009, because on March 31 he arrested Ron Oachs, a former sheriff's deputy and friend of his superior officers.

Ron Oachs, a retired 20-year veteran of the same department, Oachs left his pickup, Oachs threatened to sue the dept and  Sheriff Mike Winters paid him $30,000 to avoid a law suit against the Jackson County sheriff."



Superior and Commanding officers ordered Franklin to change the arrest report.


Then  Sheriff Winters for Jackson County Oregon;  paid a man / retired deputy /  who would not and did not comply with the Officers orders - -

Winters paid Ron Oachs, $ 30,000.00  and let him go free.



                 " Make the arrest go away "


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